Health Mate Infrared Sauna Review

Health Mate’s experience − more than 35 years in the business − is a sure sign the company’s infrared saunas are not to be overlooked when comparing options for your next home sauna. But even so, there is much more in this Health Mate infrared sauna review to recommend the products.

With seven different models to choose from, there’s a sauna to suit anybody. The company is able to deliver worldwide from manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe, Canada and the U.S., and uses only carefully selected and ecologically sustainable cedar timber in production.

With so much experience and an expansive product range, we decided to take a virtual tour of the Health Mate brand to see what was on offer for ourselves. Here’s what we found.

Professionally certified heating technology

Health Mate infrared sauna reviewHealth mate ceramic heaters are tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories, an independent testing organisation. This testing backs up claims that the patented Tecoloy heater technology developed by Health Mate lives up to expectations.

The Health Mate Tecoloy heaters are unique, using majority ceramic construction combined with incoloy casing and a carbon centre to the heater core. These additions reduce cool spots and inefficiencies that are known downsides to the standard ceramic heaters.

Quality materials as standard

Health Mate use only non toxic, Western red cedar and hemlock timbers that are sourced directly from pristine Canadian plantations. They guarantee that all materials have been tested 100 percent safe for consumer use, and make sure that their manufacturing processes leave no residue in the timber construction that could generate off gases during your sauna.

Low EMF heaters

Health Mate heaters are not the lowest electromagnetic field (EMF) rated heaters on the market, but they are well below the safe level of 3.0 mG recommended by industry standards.

EMF is an important consideration to make when choosing your sauna, as high EMF has the potential to offset any benefit from sauna therapy. It’s commonly found in electrical devices, particularly those transmitting devices such as Wi-Fi adaptors, cell phones, bluetooth devices etc. As more research is done on the effects of these devices on the human physiology, there is more evidence arising that recommends limited exposure to EMF radiation.

Health Mate low-EMF Tecoloy heaters are manufactured with this in mind, so they get the big tick of approval from us.

Great warranty

Health Mate staff pride themselves in delivering a quality product. Over 30 years in the industry would suggest they’ve got some great experience to back up their product, but it’s nice to know that they stand behind their workmanship with a lifetime warranty on all electrical components. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a lifetime warranty on the construction materials like other brands, such as Sunlighten. That said, their workmanship and limited warranty are still impressive.

All the modern conveniences

musicAll Health Mate saunas are equipped with high-quality CD/MP3/ Bluetooth audio systems, LED lighting for chromotherapy, and a digital sauna control system.

Combined, these provide vibrational restorative therapy that complements the heat therapy you expect from a conventional sauna. It does this by adjusting the vibrations of your body using sound and light energy, so that they align with frequencies that are more harmonious with a relaxed, restorative state.

Health Mate infrared sauna review: Find your new health mate

The folks at Health Mate offer an excellent in home sauna solution for anybody. With seven product lines and over 30 years of industry experience, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste. Better yet, you can rest assured that your sauna originates from a long line of predecessors, with many happy customers over the many years of Health Mate sauna service.

Perhaps with a Health Mate, you’ve found a new best-health-and-wellness friend?

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