Clearlight Infrared Sauna Review

Clearlight Infrared saunas by Sauna Works are a well versed name in the health and wellness industry. From humble home-garage beginnings, the Clearlight brand has become a true icon in homes throughout the United States and the world. But it’s the goods themselves we’ll focus on in our Clearlight Infrared sauna review.

Specialising in infrared saunas, Clearlight maintain their commitment to quality of life and the health benefits delivered by their product, over corporate profits and commercial gains. As such, Clearlight is a trusted name when it comes to in-home infrared saunas.

So what makes the Clearlight experience so memorable?

Clearlight Infrared sauna review: powerful heating technology

Clearlight Infrared sauna reviewClearlight Infrared’s heaters are manufactured from a ceramic / carbon blend, which creates a stronger, more focused heat source for the sauna. The result is faster warm up time and more effective infrared heat penetration into the surface tissue beneath the skin.

The clever placement of the torso heaters ensures the head isn’t heated, so there is less chance of heat-related illness such as headache and dizziness.

Quality materials

Clearlight use the finest, most ecologically sustainable timbers in the construction of their sauna range.

At the high end, the Clearlight Premier and Sanctuary far infrared saunas are constructed out of Grade A Canadian Western red cedar. At the lower end of the scale, the Essential far infrared saunas are made from Grade A Nordic spruce. Both timbers are widely used in sauna manufacturing and are renowned for their durability under tough conditions.

Clearlight guarantee that all materials used in construction are non toxic, and have been tested 100% safe for consumer use. All saunas are constructed in the factory and test run for eight hours, ensuring the product you get runs right the first time.

True ultra-low EMF heaters

Clearlight are widely known for their low-to-no EMF infrared sauna heaters, and back this up with independent test results. At an average of 0.2 mG, Clearlight sauna heaters are well below the safe level of 3.0 mG recommended by industry standards.

EMF is an important consideration to make when choosing your sauna, as high EMF has the potential to offset any benefit from sauna therapy. It’s commonly found in electrical devices, particularly those transmitting devices such as Wi-Fi adaptors, cell phones, bluetooth devices etc. As more research is done on the effects of these devices on the human physiology, there is more evidence arising that recommends limited exposure to EMF radiation.

Producing virtually no EMF radiation due to their quality manufacturing process and smart material selection, Clearlight infrared heaters form the cornerstone of all their exciting infrared sauna products on the market.

Total lifetime warranty


Clearlight Infrared offers a lifetime warranty on most elements in its products.

Clearlight Infrared pride themselves in delivering a quality product backed for a lifetime. With over 18 years in the industry, they’re confident enough to back not only their own materials, but even the timber, infrared heaters, and even the audio system they use. In fact, the entire sauna is covered under lifetime warranty!

The only exclusion to this amazing warranty is the lights. We can handle that.

Full spectrum technology

Clearlight saunas are available with full-spectrum infrared heating capability. This means that not only will you benefit from the penetrating heat of far infrared, you also get near and mid infrared healing benefits as well.

Near and mid infrared heaters deliver heat energy at lower wavelengths, and utilise phototherapy as a means of body restoration. Combined with far infrared heating, the benefits from this sauna experience are many time greater than those achieved using only far infrared technology.

Get a clear perspective with Clearlight

The professionals at Clearlight manufacture quality in-home sauna solutions catered for all sauna experience levels. With three main variants on offer, it’s possible to achieve a world class sauna experience from the comfort of your own home. So if you’re in the market for a new sauna, or just beginning the hunt for your fist sauna, be sure to check out the infrared sauna range available from Clearlight Infrared. Their products are popular choices and built with quality, so you’ll be sure to enjoy many restorative sauna therapy sessions for years to come.

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